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Reptile One - Turtle Health Block - Conditioning 15g

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Keeping your turtle happy and healthy is made easy with Reptile One Turtle Health Block.
Specially formulated to condition the water in your turtle’s home, whilst releasing beneficial minerals
to keep your pet in optimal health.

Calcium, along with Vitamin D and other vital minerals are released into the water, to help prevent “shell softening”, which may be caused by the water becoming acidic due to high amounts of ammonia in the water. The Turtle Health Block acts as a pH buffer, reducing acidity in the water whilst neutralising ammonia.

Features & Benefits:

  • Condition’s your turtle’s home whilst releasing beneficial minerals to keep your pet in optimal health
  • Contains Calcium, Vitamin D and vital minerals to prevent “Shell Softening” in turtles
  • Acts as a pH buffer, reducing acidity in the water whilst neutralising ammonia
  • Comes in 2 sizes for small to large turtle tanks

Suitable For: Turtles