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Reptile One - Turtle Landing Dock - Corner Fit 24x24cm

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Reptile One Turtle Landing Dock provides the perfect basking spot for your aquatic turtle to obtain essential heat and UVB exposure to maintain their health and wellbeing.

The Turtle Landing Dock automatically adjusts to the enclosure’s water level, allowing the turtle to access the dock from the submerged ramp easily.

Features & Benefits:

  • Wide top surface provides the perfect basking area for your turtle
  • The landing dock allows your turtle to keep warm and assists in preventing fungal infections
  • Submerged ramp provide easy access to the dry landing dock
  • Automatically adjusts to enclosure water levels
  • Turtle safe quality materials used
  • Maximises space within your enclosure
  • Realistic rock design
  • Quick to install and remove for easy maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in corner and straight designs to suit