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IN STORE PICK UP ONLY - Wild Bird Energy Coconut Feeder

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Sometimes Mother Nature offers up the perfect packaging answer. She did it with the banana skin and the egg shell. And she nailed it again with the coconut shell, which makes a perfect feeder for New Zealand’s birds.

We’ve improved on nature by filling these coconut shells with nutritious peanut flavoured energy food, which we’re sure your garden birds will love. Hang it in a tree near you and watch them flock to feed.

1: Easy to hang. It’s fun for the whole family.

2: Reusable. Once it’s been feasted on you can refill it with more energy food, seed, fruit or even see if it’s used as a nesting spot.

3: Can attract a number of different birds, including blackbirds, silvereye, sparrows, thrush, waxeyes and yellowhammer

How to hang your bird feeder: Look for a safe spot away from where the local predators like cats and stoats can easily get at the feeder. Hang securely from a solid branch or other area. Top up regularly to ensure your garden visitors have enough energy for their daily activities.