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Aqua One Plastic Plant - Vibrance Plant Ball Assorted

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The Aqua One Vibrance Plants provides colour and life to your aquarium. Each plant features a weighted base to make aqua scaping easy. Plants are a great addition to any aquarium, and you will be sure to find the right one for your aquarium, with the large range of sizes and styles within the Aqua One range. 

Key Features:     

  • Add colour and life to your aquarium    
  • Creates an aesthetically pleasing environment for your aquarium and its inhabitants    
  • Weighted base for easy aqua scaping    
  • Sold separately    
  • Assorted colours    
  • Suitable for: Coldwater & Tropical

Listing is for one plant only, please email to let me know which plant you would like from the single photos, otherwise random one will be sent. Please check availability before purchase as these are sold in store too.