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Natures Miracle Bird Cage Cleaner

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Nature's Miracle® Bird Cage & Surface Cleaner cleans and deodorizes cages. This bio-enzymatic formula penetrates to help break down and destroy embedded, tough stains and odors. With OdorCapture 360™ technology, this unscented formula removes odors instead of simply masking them with perfumes. It will not leave behind strong scents that can irritate bird or small animal respiratory systems. Safe for pets and home when used as directed, this formula also cleans and deodorizes accessories, feeders, fabrics, furniture, carpet and other surfaces.

Before using, remove pet, food, drinking water and chewable toys from the cage. Then, remove litter, bedding and other material used to line the cage. Thoroughly spray Nature's Miracle® Bird Cage & Surface Cleaner on the cage bottom and side walls. Wait ten minutes, and then use a moistened cloth to remove excess debris. Return your pet to the cage only after the formula has thoroughly dried.

  • BIO-ENZYMATIC CLEANING FORMULA: Penetrates to help break down and destroy tough stains and odors
  • CLEANS & DEODORIZES CAGES: Formulated for birds
  • UNSCENTED FORMULA: Will not leave behind strong scents
  • SAFE FOR PETS & HOME: When used and stored as directed
  • WITH ODORCAPTURE 360™ TECHNOLOGY: Eliminates tough cage odors