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Organic Diatomaceous Earth Powder 500g

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Siliceous fossil Animal feed supplement & Soil Conditioner


BioGro Certified Organic

About Diatomaceous Earth Powder:

Green Trading Diatomaceous earth powder is made up of tiny fossilized diatoms (plankton) that have accumulated over millennia in freshwater lakes. These pure deposits are mined and ground into a fine powder that is naturally high in silica and other minerals. It is this chalky white powder that we call diatomaceous earth.



100% Food Grade, Fresh Water Sourced, Certified Organic Diatomaceous Earth Powder.


Suitable for humans, live stocks, and plants. 


Recommended dose:


As an Animal Feed Supplement: mix up to 2% green trading diatomaceous siliceous fossil power in daily feed ration for animals. For larger animals dose 25gm per day and for small animals 10gm per day


As a Soil Conditioner: mix the 500g powder in 200L water and spray it onto the soil. The mixture is enough for 1 acre. The application is to be repeated every 10 days.


Usage: It helps to maintain the animal's overall metabolism


Note: This product does not have any proven antiparasitic properties. For worm and parasite control use only ACVM-approved products that are registered to control such parasites