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Organic Pure Neem Oil 100ml

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Organic Pure Neem Oil 100ml

100% Pure for Health and Body

 BioGro Certified Organic

Our neem oil is certified organic and pure in quality. It does not contain any Aflatoxins. Please do not get misguided by the false information spread by other suppliers or competitors.

 What is Neem?

Discovered thousands of years ago, the Neem tree is an evergreen, native to India and its medicinal healing properties have been used dating as far back as 4000 B.C. The timeless healing properties have been passed from generation to generation. Supported by centuries of use, and modern science, Neem is used to treat many skin conditions. Hundreds of studies in laboratories around the world have documented its efficacy in helping to treat diverse disorders. Once exclusive to the Eastern world, the Western world has experienced and embraced the natural qualities of Neem.

The healing properties of Neem are spoken about in some of the world’s oldest books. The Sanskrit word for Neem was “Nimba,” which means “good health.” The Vedas called Neem “Sarva roga nivarini”, which means “one that cures all ailments and ills”. (Panacea). It has also been referenced as “Divine Tree”, Life-Giving Tree”, “Nature’s Drugstore” and “Village Pharmacy”. 

Yes, raw pure neem oil stinks. But the components that give off the offensive sulfurous smell are the ingredients (Salannin compound) that make neem oil so effective.   

Below are natural home remedies for pets:

Neem is a biopesticide, when applied topically it repels fleas and mosquitoes or kills them naturally and has absolutely no harmful side effects.


To protect your pets, take a small quantity of neem oil in your palm and rub it all over your body. Apply all over the body everywhere.  Keep it overnight. You don’t have to wash it the next day, neem oil will be absorbed by the body and there will be clear and nonsticky skin, you won't notice the strong smell.  however, if you wish you can shampoo them by using Native Neem organic neem pet shampoo. Comb your dog to take out dead fleas. 

Dry, Flaky Skin:

Take a small quantity of neem oil and apply to affected areas and leave it overnight.  While giving a bath use Native Neem organic neem pet shampoo.  Neem Oil will also help heal your pet’s eczema.

Ear Infections:

By putting a few drops of neem oil in their ear will prevent an itchy ear, apply this every two to three days during the warmer season.

Parasites and Gastrointestinal Problems

You can also mix a neem capsule in your dog’s food twice a week to give them maximum protection.

Other Benefits:

Neem has lots of health benefits; it can magically heal sunburns, cuts, and wounds. A bottle of neem oil can be very beneficial for your pet’s first aid kit. A quick topical application of neem oil on the affected area soothes and heals the burn and small wounds effectively. Any pet experiencing excessive shedding, itchy skin or allergies can also benefit enormously from the regular bath with our neem shampoo, which is gentle enough for everyday use.

Your dog will become repellent to the stingers when the neem is absorbed into the blood through their skin. Many people dislike the extreme pungent garlicky smell of pure neem oil but it plays an essential part in keeping away a wide range of insects including Mosquitos, so please don't be put off by the smell instead recognise all its benefits.    

Neem Oil for Horses: 

Neem oil is also good for horses and sheep to control maggots and hoof infections.  Just apply neem oil directly to affected areas. Or for spray use our Neem Insecticide (Emulsified Neem Oil). Spray or massage on horse’s skin and will get rid of ticks.  If your horse has any stomach issues or suffering from flu or diarrhoea then give them one teaspoon of Native Neem organic neem leaf powder with food.