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PICK UP ONLY - Pet One - Cat Sisal Post & Toy Mouse Tall GREY 29x29x60cm

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Pet One - Cat Sisal Post & Toy Ball Tall

Pet One Cat Scratching Tree Posts are designed to blend into any home while satisfying your cat’s natural scratching instinct. Cat Scratching Tree Posts provides a suitable, stable place for cats to scratch, reducing the chance they will be attracted to your furniture and curtains.
Cats get great enjoyment from the sensation of scratching. Pet One Cat Scratching Tree Posts feature several textured materials that provide your cat with a range of sensations to enjoy and provides a place of refuge, giving your cat the space to relax, stretch or play.

Features & Benefits:

  • Provides enrichment and satisfies your pets natural scratching instinct
  • Perfect to help exercise your cat, allowing them to work out their hindquarter muscles whilst satisfying their natural instinct to climb and pounce
  • Assist your cat in shedding loose/dead layers from their claws to help keep them healthy and sharp
  • Available in various textures that provide your cat with a range of sensations to enjoy
  • Multi level scratching posts provides hours of fun for your cat
  • Available in various sizes and styles

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