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Rake Comb 20 Pins

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Pet One’s Classing Grooming Range keeps your pampered pets looking neatly groomed and looking fabulous with carefully selected high-quality grooming tools.

Pet One offers a selective range of brushes, combs, and other grooming items for all creatures great and small, and with regular grooming, it will keep your pet well groomed and looking great.
With our comprehensive range, you will be sure to find the right grooming tool for your beloved pets.

Features & Benefits:

  • Effectively removes tangled and mild matted hair
  • Removes dirt build up under your dog’s coat
  • Regular combing stimulates skin & hair follicles leaving your dog with a healthy & shiny coat
  • Stimulates natural oils
  • Comfortable non-slip gel handle
  • 20 Pinned teeth uniformly distributed for the removal of tangled and matted hair
  • Easy to clean

Suitable for: Dogs (Medium-Long Length Fur)