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Reptile One - Heat Lamp Holder - Ceramic - Screw Fit up to 50W E27

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The Reptile One Dome Reflectors are designed to direct heat and light produced by a heat lamp towards an intended basking site.

These reflectors are a high-quality metal dome reflector with an E27 screw type ceramic, heat resistant socket that will suit most reptile lamps including the range of Reptile One heat lamps.

Specifications: Available in 3 sizes

  • 46545 - suit up to 50W E27 Screw fitting 15 cm
  • 46546 - suit up to 100W E27 Screw fitting 22 cm
  • 46547 - suit up to 150W E27 Screw fitting 26.5 cm

Features & Benefits: 

  • Prevents reptiles from coming in contact with heat lamp element
  • Reflective surface in the dome maximizes the heat lamps energy to a chosen heat zone

Suitable For: Reptiles and Amphibians