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Underwater Friends Glow in the Dark Floating Emperor Angelfish

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Aqua One’s Underwater friends glow in the dark and add colour and movement to your aquarium. The Underwater friends range includes beautiful sea creatures such as Jellyfish, Starfish, Stingray and many more. The floating ornaments move with the aquariums current, creating a captivating display. When used in aquariums featuring LED lighting, the colours are intensified creating a spectacular and mesmerising display. The Underwater friends range will be sure to liven up any aquarium, making it the perfect addition

Features & Benefits:

  • They will absorb light during the day and glow after the lights are switch off!
  • Easy suction cup installation
  • Add life and colour to your aquarium
  • Floating ornaments simulate life-like movement in water
  • Made from durable latex

Suitable For: Coldwater & Freshwater Tropical